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Luke Slater X Jaygo Bloom

First Edition — Vision Collision

A collaborative project between Planetary Assault Systems, the most influential moniker of the seminal British Techno Artist Luke Slater, with more than 23 years in Techno history and Techno VJ and award winning Artist Jaygo Bloom, respected internationally for his insanely warped, post apocalyptic, festival and club visual creations.

These two artists have toured together extensively combining techno music and visual art providing city flattening, culture erasing, audio fallout to crowds in pitch black, post political mood.

This first edition of digital artwork defines the duos epic creative partnership, immersed within technological hype cycles and disruptive audiovisual developments, influencing club culture.

On sale is an edition of three virtual NFT installations, An identical 3D re-version of their iconic ‘live tour’ Planetary Assault Systems prism projection, complete with brain hack visuals engineered by Jaygo Bloom and an exclusive sixty second looped techno track, written and produced by the pioneer of British Techno Luke Slater, unreleased and never before heard.

Collect the complete set of three to unlock an additional unreleased track and exclusive digital artwork in the follow up collectors drop.

NFT 02 — promo edition

NFT 02 — sales edition