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Festival Forte
X Jaygo Bloom

First Edition — Reality Pixelation

A collaborative project between the International Electronic Art and Music Festival — Festival Forte, and VJ and award winning Artist Jaygo Bloom.

On sale is an edition of three replica Festival Forte generative installations, originally situated within the festival gardens providing a haven for phased out folk, a place to rest absorbed within the undulating generative, audiovisual synthesis.

The three digital artworks have been engineered by Jaygo Bloom, each NFT is accompanied by an exclusive sixty second techno soundtrack, written and produced by Festival Forte Founder and artist Expander.

For this unique edition these two creative forces come together to capture the hypnotic drive of Festival Forte late summer nights and channel this directly into NFT art space, each one carefully crafted capturing the original spirit that a festival can offer as a monument to the MetaVerse.

The edition represents the special care and integration that Festival Forte honours to its environment, positioning art central to the hedonistic experience of festival culture, setting the trend for a new conversation in electronic art and music.

Collect the complete set of three to unlock an additional unreleased track and exclusive digital artwork in the follow up collectors drop.

NFT 03 — promo edition

NFT 03 — sales edition